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Fluoride Treatment in Regina

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Our dentists use fluoride treatment to help prevent tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel in both children and adults.

What is Fluoride Dental Treatment?

Fluoride is a naturally-derived mineral that helps your teeth to resist decay. Fluoride treatments can help rebuild minerals and strengthen your tooth enamel, preventing and even sometimes reversing tooth decay. 

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Who Can Benefit From Fluoride Treatment

Your dentist may recommend fluoride treatment if you are an adult with a higher risk of getting cavities, and for children to help them grow strong teeth. 

Contact your dentist if you have a child under the age of three to see if they have a higher risk of tooth decay. If they do, your dentist may suggest fluoride treatment as a good option.

Too Much Fluoride

Dental fluorosis appears as white spots on the teeth and can occur when children consume too much fluoride in their early years. Dental Fluorosis is very uncommon, and is not a concern for most patients.

Fluoride Treatment | Health Style Dental | Regina Dentist

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