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The Basics of a Thorough Oral Examination

The Basics of a Thorough Oral Examination

Regularly scheduled exams and cleanings are important to your current and overall dental health. Here, our Regina dentists explain the process and what to expect during your oral exam. 

Oral examinations at your dentist office are an important part of preventive dental hygiene. They allow your dentist to identify any issues with your oral health, make a plan to treat them and help prevent any future issues.  

At Health Style Dental, a thorough dental exam includes Digital Radiographs, Airway Screening, Oral Cancer Screening, Periodontal health examination and TMJ assessment. We thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and all oral structures. An oral exam may be scheduled to include a dental hygiene cleaning.

What happens during an exam at the dentist?

During the exam, your dentist will take a close look at your teeth, gums and bite. Your dentist will also take dental x-rays, if necessary, to show problems such as cavities under existing fillings, fractures, impacted wisdom teeth, decay under the gum line and bone loss. 

There are many problems that can develop including cavities, gingivitis, and even oral abnormalities like tumors and cysts. Your dentist is trained to identify these, and also has the dental technologies required to identify issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

During the exam, your dentist will also ask questions about your daily oral health care routines. This will help them to determine if any lifestyle factors, like diet, may be having an effect on your oral health. 

Does an oral exam include a cleaning?

Often times, a professional cleaning done by your dental hygienist is done during the same appointment.

During the cleaning, your hygienist uses a scaler to gently scrape away any plaque and tartar that has built up between your teeth or along your gums. They will also give your teeth a deep cleaning using a coarse toothpaste with an electric toothbrush to remove any remaining plaque or tartar. Your hygienist will complete the cleaning by thoroughly flossing between your teeth leaving you with a clean smile. 

During your cleaning, you hygienist will also give you tips on how to practice good care of your teeth between visits, like how to properly brush and floss.

How often should I have an oral exam and cleaning?

Visiting the dentist for an exam and cleaning twice a year is ideal because it gives your dentist an even better chance of identifying, preventing or treating developing problems. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the current state of your oral health, and make recommendations for the nature and frequency of your dental appointments. 

To book an oral examination and cleaning with our dental team, contact Health Style Dental in Regina.

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